Keep calm and study in English!

No German needed: Courses taught in English at the University of Konstanz

Many departments at the University of Konstanz offer a wide range of courses taught in English, and some in English/German concurrently. On the Master level, more courses are taught in English than on an undergraduate level, but in general, English courses are on the rise. Even in German taught courses, a lot of literature read is in English. Giving your presentation or writing a term paper in English is also always an option.

Navigate our Course catalogue

Please find all courses at the University of Konstanz through the

- Course catalogue in ZEuS

- Overview of courses taught in English

Courses for each upcoming semester will only be available 2 months before the start of the semester. Please consult the preceeding semesters to get an idea of what is offered throughout the different departments. Many courses are offered every term or academic year. You can browse by study programmes or use the search function.

How to navigate our course catalogue

To list all courses, including those taught in German, by departments, click on your corresponding level of studies (usually "Bachelor/Master Programmes"). A list with all departments will open. You can now select each department individually and see which courses are offered. To find out more about each course simply click on the course title. 

To list all courses offered in English separately, scroll down to "Courses taught in English". Here you will find all courses taught in the English language sorted by the level of studies. Be aware that some courses may be taught in English only partially. To find out more about each course simply click on the course title. 

Note that the first option will list you all available courses at the University of Konstanz. Please be aware that these coures are mostly not taught in English, but in German language. With a German level of at least B2 you should be able to follow academic courses in German.

Interdisciplinary courses organized by the International Office

Broaden your academic horizons with our range of interdisciplinary courses offered in English!

Open to all students, these courses provide a unique opportunity to delve into diverse fields of study and gain valuable insights from multiple disciplines.

Moreover, participating in interdisciplinary courses offers the opportunity to earn credits that can count towards your degree requirements. This is especially appealing for exchange students seeking to make the most of their time abroad while still making progress towards their academic goals.

So, whether you're looking to expand your academic horizons, earn valuable credits, or simply explore new intellectual terrain, our interdisciplinary courses in English provide the perfect platform to do so.

These courses can be found in ZEuS as well. Scroll down to "Courses taught in English", click on "International Office" and then "Interdisciplinary Courses".

Courses in the Summer Semester 2024

Incoming Student Guide

For your convenience, we have collected some English instructed courses within the different departments below. Please know that until the beginning of the semester, courses can still be changed and more courses be added. Some departments also offer special courses just for international students. Use our Incoming Student Guide to get first hand information on the different offers in every department.

Courses regularly taught in English

As research and teaching are highly interlinked at the University of Konstanz, our course catalog differs each semester. However, there are courses and lectures that are regularly offered by the departments. When browsing the course calendar in ZEuS, mind the "frequency of offer" information in the course description.

The websites of the departments offer you helpful advice about their regular course offer and other important information: