Research Stay for Students

Conduct research as an international Bachelor or Master student at the University of Konstanz

For international students who are interested in a research stay at the University of Konstanz, the Welcome Centre provides advice on many organisational questions relating to the stay.

A student research stay usually lasts between two months and two semesters. As soon as you have found an academic supervisor at the University of Konstanz, you are welcome to contact the Welcome Centre directly in order to start planning your stay.

Organizing a research stay - step by step

1. Organize an research position at the University of Konstanz

Search the university's website to find out which research area might be of interest to you. Send your application with letter of application, CV and list of grades directly to a professor or research assistant in this field of research.

2. Agree upon basics of the research stay

As soon as you have been accepted for a research stay, you need to make a concrete agreement with your supervisor.

3. Clarify financing

Clarify financing options in your home country. In general, research students bring their own financing with them. Programmes for the promotion of research stays / short-term stays with different selection criteria are e.g.

  • ERASMUS Placement (EU+ Turkey)
  • DAAD- RISE (UK, USA, Canada), DAAD-WISE (India), DAAD-IAESTE (student organized exchange)
  • University partnerships (e.g. state-to-state programme Ontario-Baden-Württemberg)

4. Prepare your stay

Before your stay, find out whether

  • the department at the University of Konstanz can help you to find accommodation
  • you have sufficient health insurance for Germany
  • you need a visa for entry / a work permit (non-EU nationality)

If you have any questions about these or other non-academic topics, the Welcome Centre will be happy to help.


If a research stay of at least five months is planned, it is recommendable to start either on 1st March or April or on 1st September or October of a year, as it is then possible to get accommodation in a student residence for the whole semester.

Please do not book a flight / train ticket beofre you have a prospect of accommodation. Especially in the months June - August it is not easy to find affordable accommodation in Konstanz.

5. Arrive in Konstanz

Upon arrival, in the Welcome Centre or in the Department you will receive your guest card for the library and an e-mail guest account.

Afterwards, you can

  • get your UniCard
  • buy a canteen and copy card
  • buy a monthly bus ticket or rent a bicycle
  • find networking opportunities with other international students and take part in social activities and excursions. Feel free to have a look at the International Office's "Living in Konstanz" website.

Enrolment as a student is only possible if you have received admission before your arrival. We will inform you about the application process as soon as you have contacted us.

The International Office and the Welcome Centre will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about your stay in Konstanz.If you have any questions regarding your research project, please discuss them with your supervisor.

Minimum wage

Federal International Placement Services (ZAV) has set the binding minimum wage for Erasmus+ interns from abroad (see minimum wage law). International Erasmus+ interns are exempted from this minimum wage limit when the Internship Agreement specifically classifies their stay as a “part of the curriculum” or a “compulsory internship”, even if they are staying for longer than three months.
For Erasmus+ and students (KA103): If the stay is not a “compulsory internship”, then minimum wage will need to be paid starting the first day of the fourth internship month.
For graduate / postgraduate internships: minimum wage regulations apply from the start.