German language skills for studies and daily life

German is an important language that you certainly can profit from being able to use.

German as a foreign language (DaF)

Semester programme

The Language Institute (SLI) offers a broad range of classes specifically for international students with the purpose of strengthening and expanding their German foreign language (DaF) skills. These language classes should not take precedent over your core study area, but instead should complement your studies. You will have the opportunity to earn ECTS credits for successfully completing DaF classes. The courses are offered at the basic II/III, intermediate I/II and advanced levels (A1/2-C2 according to the Common European Framework of References for Languages). A language placement test will determine which level of class you will be assigned to. The classes are free of charge. You can check which German language courses are available using the ZEUS  online course catalogue.

Intensive language courses

The Language Institute (SLI) does not usually offer beginner German courses (level A1/Grundstufe I) during the lecture period. For this reason, students with little or no previous knowledge of German should definitely take part in one of our intensive language courses beforehand and then continue to take follow-up German courses for beginners during the semester.

GO Konstanz - German intensive language course with orientation programme in March/September

Bodensee Summer School in August

Language tandems at the Language Institute (SLI)

Self-Access Study Centre (SLZ)

German (DaF) courses for doctoral students

The University of Konstanz offers German foreign language courses at a variety of levels for international doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers, visiting researchers and newly appointed professors as well as their families. The focus is placed on gaining basic language skills for everyday situations. No prior knowledge is required for the beginner course. A placement test is usually offered at the start of each semester.

These language classes for doctoral students do cost money and take place during the semester, starting either mid-October or mid-April Classes usually take place twice a week. Participants receive a certificate from the University of Konstanz at the end of the semester that documents their successful participation and current language proficiency level.

Other foreign languages

The SLI also offeres courses in the following modern languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Romanian, Russian, Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian, Czech, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Turkish. More detailed information about our language courses can be found on the Language Institute (SLI) web pages.