student in the foyer using her laptop
student in the foyer using her laptop

Financing your studies

Study costs and financing options

The good news is: studying at German public universities is not expensive, in some cases even cost free. For your stay, you will require a budget for daily life and certain study expenses. Most international students finance their own studies. Side jobs allow students to earn extra money. Students with great academic credentials and community service experience can apply for scholarships in Germany. In cases of unexpected financial hardship, the university will try to help with emergency financial support.

Exemption of tuition fees for LLM students with a (DAAD) scholarship

Fees and living expenses

Fees at the University of Konstanz (Effective as of Winter semester 2018/2019)

  • Degree-seeking students / free-movers: 160 euros/semester semester fees
  • Exchange students: 90 euros/semester semester fees
  • Tuition fees for international Non-EU/EEA students: 1500 euros/semester
  • Tuition fees for a second degree: 650 euros/semester
  • Law students LLM study programme:  500 euro/semester
Exemptions of tuition fees for international students and second degrees Exemption from the term administrative fee for (DAAD) scholarship holders

Cost of living

The cost of living for students in Konstanz is approximately 720 euros per month. At the beginning of your studies and every semester, you will require more money than usual since you will be paying for the semester fees and the Studi-Ticket. Students who will be applying for a residence permit for study purposes will need to pay an additional 100 euros.

Here is a cost overview that will help you plan your budget:

Accommodation in a residence hall230€ - 420€/month
Private accommodation300€ - 450€/month
Food120€ - 250€/month
Public transportation55€/semester
Learning materials50€ - 100€/semester
Personal expenses150€ - 450€/month
Health insurance85-95€ /month
Liability insurance20€/semester
University fees90€ - 160€/semester
Tuition fee (Non-EU)1500€/semester
Visa /residence permit75€ - 100€/once
Public broadcasting (license) fees17.50€/month
Deposit (for the accomodation)500 - 1000€/once

(to be refunded)


Emergency financial support for international students (BA, MA, Doctoral students)


For special tasks related to thesis preparation, the departments offer financial support, e.g. for test-person remuneration, postage, travel expenses:

- all Master's programmes

- only experimental Bachelor's programmes

Contact: Study programme coordinator or director of the departmental administration

Student jobs

Since the living expenses in Konstanz are currently estimated to be around 720 euros per month, many students earn money on the side. Citizens from the EU as well as Malta, Cyprus and the EEA countries (Island, Norway, Liechtenstein) as well as Switzerland can work during the entire year. All other international students (including Croatian students) are permitted to work 120 days or 240 half-days (4-hours / day) per year, if the visa or residence permit does not explicitly deny it. More information

The Service Centre of the Student Service ‘Seezeit Bodensee’ provides a job board for students in the entrance area of the university (next to the Campus Café) or on the Seezeit website.

Presentation "Taking on a student job"