Cost of living

The cost of living for students in Konstanz is approximately 789 euros per month*.

The basis for this is, among other things, the 21st Social Survey of the German Student Union ("Deutsches Studierendenwerk e.V." or "DSW") from 2016; unfortunately, a more up-to-date one is not yet available. This social survey revealed the following average living costs per month in Konstanz:

Rent (including utilities) 352 euros*
Food 168 euros
Clothing, laundry, personal hygiene 42 euros
Learning materials (books, copies)  20 euros
Health and nursing care insurance, medical care, medicine 115 euros
Phone, Internet, broadcasting fees 31 euros
Leisure time, culture and sports 61 euros
Total 789 euros*

* Since 2016, rental and ancillary costs in particular have risen significantly nationwide. Unfortunately, however, there are no more recent survey values at this point in time that would be based on a representative survey. According to the timetable of the initiative "one for all – The Student Survey in Germany" of the DSW, new findings and figures are not to be expected until early 2023 at the earliest. Therefore, based on our experience here on site in Constance and the surrounding area, we would like to recommend that you please budget an average of around 350 euros more per month, especially for your rent and incidental costs.

Additional Costs (per semester)

Re-registration at the University of Konstanz (standard amount) 179 euros
Studi-Ticket of the municipal services in Konstanz 58,80 euros
Additional VHB-Studi-Ticket (Upgrade) – if you live outside of Konstanz 58.10 euros
Total 295.90 euros

Please be aware of the following:

At the beginning of your studies and every semester, you will require more money than usual since you might be purchasing the Studi-Ticket or learning materials etc.