Information for teaching staff

Have you recently spoken with a student who has a disability or chronic illness this? Maybe you did so without even noticing it.  Just under one fifth of all students at German universities is affected by a health issue. Most handicaps or chronic illnesses are not visible for teaching staff and other students.

It is a challenge for students who live with such an impediment to complete their studies. In addition to the usual responsibilities of studying, they also have to plan time for their own medical care. Their academic performance can also vary depending on their health and environmental factors. Sometimes students are unable to attend class because of acute health issues, doctor’s appointments or medical treatments (e.g. dialysis or radiation therapy).

In order for you to better recognize, understand and address the unique needs of your students with disabilities and chronic illnesses, we have put together a variety of information specifically for you, our university teachers.

Students with disabilities and chronic illnesses are often very hard-working young people who have already mastered a variety of challenges. They are not looking for an added advantage, but rather to enjoy the same opportunities as others under conditions that account for their special situations. For this reason, we kindly ask you to carefully consider providing academic adjustments to these students.

We are happy to advise you on any matters related to teaching students with a disability or chronic illness.