Studying with a psychological illness

At the University of Konstanz, we work hard to provide relevant support and advice to our students with psychological health issues. If you are currently facing a personal crisis or problem, you can contact Psychotherapeutic Counselling (PBS). This counselling service (provided by Seezeit) has a focus on behaviour therapy and can help you address your specific situation.

Services for you

An anonymous call

You can make an anonymous call to the Nightline Konstanz if you need assistance at a time when the university and Seezeit student services are closed.

Studis mit Studis (students hand-in-hand)

Studis mit Studis (students hand-in-hand) is a programme that pairs interested students with others who have physical handicaps or a psychological health issue. The goal is to supplement the assistance provided by the Student Advisory Service or current outpatient treatment for psychological health issues. The programme can also help you with re-entry into university life after receiving (semi-)residential treatment. We offer one-on-one and group-based support services. Read more about Studis mit Studis.