Students hand-in-hand

Studis mit Studis (students hand-in-hand) is a programme that pairs interested students with others who have physical handicaps or a psychological health issue. The goal is to supplement the assistance provided by the Student Advisory Service or current outpatient treatment for psychological health issues. The programme can also help you with re-entry into university life after receiving (semi-)residential treatment. We offer one-on-one and group-based support services.

Services for you

One-on-one support:

Ask for our one-on-one support if you require individual, hands-on assistance with resuming your studies. Our tutors, who are themselves University of Konstanz students, can help you with the following:

  • Accompanying you to classes
  • Establishing and managing your daily routine
  • Planning your semester
  • Implementing learning and working techniques
  • Managing stress and examination anxiety
  • Contacting lecturers and support services
  • Catching up on missed courses

Group-based support

Come along to one of our group meetings to discuss your studies with other students like you, who either are or were being treated for psychological illnesses. You will have the opportunity to exchange your views and experiences about personal, social and organizational challenges. The goal is for you to support one another and to work together to find suitable solutions.