Fahrräder vor dem Y-Gebäude
Fahrräder vor dem Y-Gebäude


The university is located on Konstanz’s Giessberg hill. You can travel by car or by bus to the university. The bicycle will also get you there.


You can use bus lines 9A and 9B and also, during the lecture period, bus 9C to travel from the city centre and main train station to the university. Bus line 4 and bus line 11 also take you to the university. Please download the timetables of the bus lines.


In cooperation with the Seezeit Bodensee Student Services and the public transportation networks in the region, students may purchase a “Studi-Ticket” in order to use the public transportation system of Konstanz at a reduced price.

The Studi-Ticket for the city of Konstanz is valid for travel within city limits and on the ferry to Meersburg. You can find all information about the Studi-Ticket on the Stadtwerke Konstanz (municipal services) website (in German).

In addition to the Studi-Ticket for the city of Konstanz, you can purchase a Studi-Ticket for the larger VHB (regional transportation network service provider). This VHB Studi-Ticket is valid for all train and bus travel (2nd class) in the entire VHB transportation network.

For further information, visit the VHB Studi-Ticket page (in German).

For all students: Free bus transportation after 19:00!

All enrolled students in Konstanz are allowed to use public transportation for free starting at 19:00 (except for the special “Nachtschwärmer” (night owl) buses). This service is covered by the solidarity fee all students pay each semester.

Travel by car

You can park your car on one of the three parking lots or in a parking garage run by the Parkraumgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH (state parking services): the Parkplätze Uni Nord / Ost / Uni-Sport (parking spaces at Uni north / Uni East / Uni-Sport) as well as the Parkhaus south (south parking garage). You can park your car for 1,30 euro per day, Monday through Saturday from 6:00 to 19:00.


Do you need a bike for yourself or for your guests? Through the AStA bike rental service, students and university employees can rent bikes for a limited period of time; international students can rent them for a longer period. On the web page of the AStA Self-Help Bike Shop and Bike Rental you will find the online booking system and additional information about pricing, deposit, etc. You will also find information on the Fahrradselbsthilfewerkstatt (bike workshop), where you can repair your bike, purchase replacement parts, and receive a helping hand.