Digitally enhanced teaching

Teaching requires more than a blackboard and some desks.

High-quality teaching is increasingly reliant on complex technologies. When used in addition to traditional teaching formats, digitally enhanced teaching can open up new opportunities for varied, interactive and personalised teaching formats. It is of course true that the use of “new media” alone does not guarantee sure-fire success - educational films, audience response systems, learning platforms and the like must be used in a targeted and well-conceived manner if they are to support students in achieving their learning objectives.

- Would you like to receive feedback on your students’ progress while you hold your lectures?

- Have you ever thought about using audio-visual aids?

- Would you consider hosting a joint video lecture with a colleague located on the other side of the globe a worthwhile experiment?

- Would you like to supervise your students’ studies outside the classroom?

Please get in touch with our e-learning team to receive advice and support with issues ranging from didactics and media production to the technical implementation of individual and course-specific e-learning concepts.