Elena Sturm (Chemistry)
Elena Sturm (Chemistry)

Investment Programme for Research

This programme aims at improving apparatus and equipment in research. Participants can apply for apparatus requiring an outlay of between EUR 5.000 and EUR 10.000 for use in conducting their research.

Early career researchers are expressly encouraged to coordinate their efforts, also with other colleagues in their respective departments, when it comes to applying for equipment funding. If possible, applicants should indicate any provisions for regulating the use and maintenance of the instruments, as well as their envisioned location.

Who may apply?

The programme is open to Fellows of the Zukunftskolleg only. 


Applications should include the following documents:

  • Project outline including a brief explanation why the equipment is valuable for the project; maximum 5 pages
  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant
  • Proof of the employment or of the scholarship at the University of Konstanz
  • If the equipment necessitates space, a statement of the person who will provide the space
  • A statement about how the equipment will be used, if/when the applicant will leave the university
  • Cost estimates and quotations for the equipment