Senior Fellowship

Senior Fellows are established guest scholars from the natural sciences, humanities or social sciences who join the Zukunftskolleg for a research stay and work with the fellows. This support and inspiration is a mutual advantage, the Senior Fellows profit by the impulses provided by the younger generation and vice versa. Therefore the Zukunftskolleg inspires younger and more experienced researchers alike.

Senior Fellows are free to pursue their research project at the Zukunftskolleg without any obligation to teach or to participate in the boards or committees of the university. They are required to promote the Zukunftskolleg’s projects by participating in discussions and mentoring fellows.

Senior Fellowships comprise a research stay at the Zukunftskolleg of up to twelve months and provide funding for a Senior Fellow position for the duration of the stay. The Senior Fellow may choose one of the following options: The Zukunftskolleg assumes the costs of a replacement at the Senior Fellow's home institution or the Senior Fellow receives a remuneration (honorarium). Additionally, the Zukunftskolleg provides a subsidy to cover living expenses in Konstanz.

Support Measures

The Senior Fellow

  • can apply for financial support (co-funding) from the Zukunftskolleg, for example for student/research assistants or consumables
  • receives administrative support from the Central Office of the Zukunftskolleg and can access the library, computer centre, and other central facilities at the University of Konstanz

Obligations and Responsibilities

Senior Fellows

  • support the fellows as a mentor
  • contribute actively to interdisciplinary dialogue

    at the Zukunftskolleg during the weekly Jour Fixe meetings

  • engage with fellows and researchers of the University of Konstanz 
  • present a seminar or a public lecture 
  • write a short report on activities and

    achievements (within 6 months of the end of the fellowship) 

  • acknowledge the support by the Zukunftskolleg in any

    publications resulting from their period of stay in Konstanz

Eligibility for Nominations

Senior Fellows are distinguished German or foreign scientists and scholars from the natural sciences, humanities or social sciences. Only Fellows of the Zukunftskolleg, the director and the rector of the University of Konstanz may nominate candidates for Senior Fellowships. The Zukunftskolleg does not issue calls for applications; entitled persons may submit nominations to the Zukunftskolleg at any time. The executive committee confers the Senior Fellowships with each of them lasting between one and twelve months.

Any nominations for Senior Fellowships require that the nominee

  • is a professor at a German or foreign university, a senior researcher at an internationally recognised research institute, or holds comparable qualifications
  • has an outstanding research record, documented by publications and awards
  • has a thematic focus that fits into the research profile of the University of Konstanz and the projects conducted by Zukunftskolleg fellows.


All nominations and required documents must be written in English and submitted electronically (PDF format/one file per applicant) by e-mail to:

Please submit the following documents:


The Zukunftskolleg's executive committee decides on the nominations and on the length of the Senior Fellow's research stay at Konstanz. It may call on external experts to contribute to the decision-making process. Nominees will be notified of the decision in writing.