Annual Report of the Zukunftskolleg

The year 2022 has come to a close. Reason for us to take stock:
What developments and successes can we chalk up for the past year?
Which projects have our fellows put into action?
Which guests and new researchers have we welcomed to Konstanz?
Which events took place?
How many publications have our fellows produced, how many talks and courses have they held?
And which new directions have former fellows pursued in their careers?

The Zukunftskolleg’s new annual report aims to answer all these questions.
Speaking of new directions: with this annual report, we too are treading new paths. It is being published as a digital edition for the first time. We hope that this will help not only in terms of advancing digitalization but also in terms of greater sustainability.

Annual Report 2022

We wish you entertaining reading!

Your Zukunftskolleg

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The annual report provides information about recent activities and research projects of our fellows, and allows insights into the institution's structures and its positioning within the academic world.

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