Institute for Advanced Study for Junior Researchers

The Zukunftskolleg is an Institute for Advanced Study (IAS). It offers 2-year and 5-year fellowships as well as a diverse support network to promote the independence of early career researchers. Researchers at the postdoctoral level perform research without administrative constraints and have the freedom to engage in meaningful exchange with other up-and-coming colleagues and with distinguished senior researchers. Scholars in the humanities, social and natural sciences come to Konstanz from across the world to perform first-class research.
The Zukunftskolleg is a keystone in the University of Konstanz's institutional strategy to promote top-level research.


Environment Award 2018 for Denis Gebauer

Denis Gebauer (Research Fellow / Dept. of Chemistry) is this year’s winner of the Environment Award funded by the LBS Landesbausparkasse Südwest (state home loans and savings bank). The prize is endowed with 10,000 euros.



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