Institute for Advanced Study for Early Career Researchers

The Zukunftskolleg is an Institute for Advanced Study (IAS). It offers 2-year and 5-year fellowships as well as a diverse support network to promote the independence of non-tenured researchers (postdoctoral researchers, junior professors, research group leaders etc.). Researchers at the postdoctoral level perform research without administrative constraints and have the freedom to engage in meaningful exchange with other up-and-coming colleagues and with distinguished senior researchers. Scholars in the humanities, social and natural sciences from across the world join the Zukunftskolleg to perform cutting-edge research.
The Zukunftskolleg is a keystone in the University of Konstanz's institutional strategy to promote top-level research.

Statement of the Zukunftskolleg to save the direct train connection to Stuttgart

Save the Gäubahn!

The members of the Zukunftskolleg oppose the plans to discontinue the direct train connection from Konstanz/Singen to Stuttgart (the so-called Gäubahn). We wholeheartedly support the protest by citizens’ initiatives, train-passenger and environmental organizations, and many municipalities against the shut-down of the direct link of the Gäubahn to Stuttgart main station. Any solution to cover the duration during which the link to the underground station at Stuttgart is constructed must be at least as fast and direct as it is now. Given the looming climate catastrophe, it is hard to fathom that existing sustainable modes of travel are to be cut for an entire region, with no viable alternative other than less climate friendly travel options for the foreseeable future.

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Statement of Solidarity by the Zukunftskolleg

In keeping with and as part of the University of Konstanz, both the members of the Zukunftskolleg, and the Zukunftskolleg as an institution, express their solidarity with the people from Ukraine, who suffer from this war, and with those who oppose the war in Russia, who suffer from state repression. We are horrified and shocked and condemn the war of aggression of the Russian leadership.
We offer support to affected researchers the best we can: in kind, through offers such as office space or private accommodation, or with financial support, including temporary scholarships. We coordinate with the university and with our national and international partners. Please do contact us if you need help (
Find more information via the link below.

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Current news

MSCA4 Ukraine Fellowship for Yeliena Kovalska

We congratulate Yeliena Kovalska (Visiting Fellow / History and Sociology), who has been awarded a MSCA4 (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions) Ukraine Fellowship by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Junior Professorship for Anna Stöckl

We congratulate Research Fellow Anna Stöckl from the Department of Biology who has been appointed as Junior Professor at the University of Konstanz.

We welcome Daniel Skibra to the Zukunftskolleg

Daniel Skibra is one of our new Postdoctoral Fellows from the 17th call for applications for fellowships. He has started his fellowship in March and is affiliated with the Department of Philosophy.

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