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Associated Fellowship

Associated Fellowships are granted for the duration of one year upon application only. The most common reasons for applying to being an Associated Fellow are: you are a coworker with / of a fellow of the Zukunftskolleg (staff, cooperation partner or doctoral student), you are a former fellow who still has ongoing externally funded projects at the University of Konstanz, or you are a recipient of one of Zukunftskolleg´s funding programmes (e.g. Independent Research Grant). Associated Fellowships are meant to be for people who already have an ongoing relationship with the Zukunftskolleg.
We expect Associated Fellows to actively engage in the Zukunftskolleg activities, in particular in research groups and the Jour fixe meetings. Renewal applications are possible. A maximum size of 50 for the group of all fellows at the Zukunftskolleg limits the number of possible Associated Fellowships at any one time.

The Associated Fellowship is not intended as an alternative to being an Alumnus/Alumna of the Zukunftskolleg

Applications should contain a motivation letter explaining the expectations (for both sides) of the Associated Fellowship, a CV, a publication list and a short description of the current research projects.

Please submit your application (in English) electronically as one PDF file one week prior to a meeting of the Executive Committee at the latest to

Applications are decided by the Executive Committee in its regular meetings. Decisions on renewal applications will consider the past record of Zukunftskolleg involvement by the applicant.