Organisation and Bodies

The decision-making bodies of the Zukunftskolleg are:

  1. the Director
  2. the Executive Committee
  3. the Assembly of Members (Plenary)
  4. the Scientific Advisory Board
  5. the Internal Liaison Board
  6. the Zukunftskolleg Representatives
  7. the Central Office


The Director heads the Zukunftskolleg and represents the institution both internally and externally; the Director is responsible for managing and controlling the allocated resources and is contentually responsible for the scientific alignment and the subsequent public relations work of the Zukunftskolleg. In this capacity, the Director is the superior of the Fellows and of the staff working in the Central Office.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the supreme decision-making body. The members of the Executive Committee are: the Director, five elected Fellows and one appointed Senior Fellow. The Executive Committee decides on the annual budget on applications by members for material and human resources, on the grant of the Zukunftskolleg Award associated with the Senior Fellowship and on the award of funding programmes. The Executive Committee is responsible for quality assurance within the Zukunftskolleg by carrying out evaluations. It decides on the scientific programme (Core Topics) of the Zukunftskolleg that has been drawn up by the Director in cooperation with the University Executive and the central scientific facilities of the University of Konstanz. The coordinators of the Zukunftskolleg working in the Central Office are advisory members of the Executive Committee.

Assembly of Members

The Fellows and Senior Fellows from the current projects at the Zukunftskolleg form the Assembly of Members. As a rule, the Zukunftskolleg will have around 30 Fellows and up to a maximum of 15 Senior Fellows. The five Executive Committee members are elected by the Assembly of Members, which is made up of all Fellows. All attending Fellows are entitled to vote and can be elected as representatives of the Fellows on the Executive Committee. The term in office for the representatives of the Fellows on the board is 2½ years. Re-election is not possible.

Scientific Advisory Board

The University Executive of the University of Konstanz appoints a Scientific Advisory Board as a fourth decision-making body for the Zukunftskolleg. Membership of the Scientific Advisory Board is only open to established scientists and researchers from Germany or abroad, who are internationally recognised in their field of research, but who are not members of the University of Konstanz. The Scientific Advisory Board supports and advises the Executive Committee and the Director of the Zukunftskolleg in the performance of their duties, comments on the past work and activities. It is also concerned with the future development of the Zukunftkolleg's profile, the proportionality of the actually deployed or planned resources with respect to the scientific significance of the respective tasks. And finally advises on the prospects for success of planned research projects. The Scientific Advisory Board may contribute to the selection of Fellows and Senior Fellows by making recommendations or by being represented on the selection committees. The term of office for members of the Scientific Advisory Board is up to 3 years. Re-election is possible.

Internal Liaison Board

In 2014 the Zukunftskolleg has established an Internal Liaison Board - consisting of one professor from each department at the university - to strengthen and improve communication and exchange between the Zukunftskolleg and the departments.

Zukunftskolleg Representatives

To strengthen communication between the Zukunftskolleg and the departments there is one Zukunftskolleg Representative in each department.

Central Office

The Central Office of the Zukunftskolleg comprises the coordination, the public relations, the secretary’s office, and the IT support. The coordinators manage the administrative business of the Zukunftkolleg.