Jour fixe Programme

The Zukunftskolleg is a place for people from different departments to meet and talk about their research. This enables interdisciplinarity. Fellows are encouraged to step out of line and explore the zone between the disciplines. The Jour fixe is the weekly interdisciplinary session for the Fellows and Senior Fellows. Here they discuss the progress of their work, present results, share and encounter questions from other disciplines and explore the possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Weekly Jour fixe sessions take place on Tuesday from 15:15 to 16:30. Attendance on invitation only.

Up to date: 07.06.2022; subject to modifications

Nr. Date Room Information
1 12.04.2022 Y 326 / hybrid

Malte Drescher
(Vice Rector for Research, Academic Staff Development and Research Infrastructure)

"Current plans of the university for creating more long-term perspectives and transparent career paths for postdoctoral researchers"
2 19.04.2022 Y 326 / hybrid

Alexander Etkind (Senior Fellow / History)

"Surviving the Anthropocene: The New Political Economy of Virtual Coloniality"

3 26.04.2022 Y 326 / hybrid

Felix Hamburg (Associated Fellow / Computer and Information Science) + Franziska Weeber (Sociology)

"Towards Semi-Automated Content Analysis: Using Deep Learning to Assist Manual Annotations"



Y 326 / hybrid

Philipp di Dio (Research Fellow / Mathematics and Statistics)

"Time-Dependent Moments"

5 10.05.2022 Y 326 / hybrid

Eric Lott (Senior Fellow / Literature)

"Blackface from Time to Time"

6 17.05.2022 Y 326 / hybrid

Paula Tesche (Research Visit Fellow / Literature & Linguistics)

"Resistance memories of the catastrophe in the city of Concepción, Chile"

Ekaterina Mikhailova (Research Visit Fellow / Politics and Public Administration)

"Refugee Processing Systems in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen: Institutional and Societal Transformations over Time"

7 24.05.2021 Y 326 / hybrid

Giora Hon (Senior Fellow / Philosophy)

"Universal aspects of scientific practice: Commitment, methodology, and technique"

8 31.05.2022, 10:00 digital only !!!

Joint virtual session with our cooperation partner in Tokyo - the Waseda Institute of Advanced Study (WIAS)

„The Anthropocene"

9 14.06.2022 Y 326 / hybrid Visiting Fellows from Ukraine
11 21.06.2022 Y 326 / hybrid

CAT group of Valerio Coladonato

Chair: Maria Zhukova (Associated Fellow / Literature)

"Screen media, fiction and European populisms: research questions and methodological challenges of an interdisciplinary project"

12 28.06.2022 Y 326 / hybrid

Round table discussion with Senior Fellows Nathaniel Dominy (Dept. of Anthropology / Dartmouth College, USA), James Higham (Dept. of Anthropology / New York University, USA) and Amanda Melin (Dept. of Biological Anthropology / University of Calgary, Canada)

"Primate lifeways"

13 05.07.2022 Y 326 / hybrid

1. Assembly of Members
Election of members for the Executive Committee

2. Presentation of Research Support
"Research Support: Support on grant proposals, research funding and ethical issues"

14 12.07.2022 Y 326 / hybrid Scientific Advisory Board Meeting (14./15.07.)

The meetings of the Executive Committee in the summer semester 2022 are on Tuesdays at 13:00:

  • 12 April (Application deadline: Tuesday, 5 April by 12:00)
  • 3 May (Application deadline: Tuesday, 26 April by 12:00)
  • 14 June (Application deadline: Tuesday, 7 June by 12:00)
  • 19 July (Application deadline: Tuesday, 12 July by 12:00).