Postdoctoral Fellow presenting at the weekly interdisciplinary session of the Zukunftskolleg, the Jour Fixe

Jour Fixe Programme

The Zukunftskolleg is a place for people from different departments to meet and talk about their research. This enables interdisciplinarity. Fellows are encouraged to step out of line and explore the zone between the disciplines. The Jour Fixe is the weekly interdisciplinary session for the Fellows and Senior Fellows. Here they discuss the progress of their work, present results, share and encounter questions from other disciplines and explore the possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Weekly Jour Fixe sessions take place on Tuesday from 15:15 to 16:45 pm. Attendance on invitation only.

Up to date: 11.04.2019; subject to modifications

Nr. Date Room Information
1 16.04.2019 Y 326

Get-to-know each other

Short presentations from all Fellows of max. 3 min.

2 23.04.2019 Y 326 Film Screening „The Cakemaker“ + Discussion
3 30.04.2019 Y 326

Presentation New Fellows (I)

Stephan Streuber (Computer Sciences; Virtual Reality for Collective Behavior Group / Research Fellow)
"Studying Collective Behavior using Virtual Reality"

Cornelia Klocker (Law / Postdoctoral Fellow)
“The European Court of Human Rights and non-discrimination: Exploring collective dimensions”

 4 07.05.2019 Y 326

Open Mic Jour Fixe (I)

• Claudius Kratochwil (Biology / Fellow)
• Roxana Halbleib (Economics / Research Fellow)
• Andreas Scherer (Chemistry / Associated Fellow per Doctoral Fellowship)

5 14.05.2019 Y 326 tba
 6 21.05.2019 Y 326

Open Mic Jour Fixe (II)

• Sasa Kosanic (Biology / Associated Fellow per Mentoship)
• Jolle Jolles (Biology / Postdoctoral Fellow)
• Max Reinwald (Politics and Public Administration / Associated Fellow per Doctoral Fellowship)

 7 28.05.2019 Y 326 1. Open Access (Anja Oberländer / KIM)

2. Jour Fixe on Intersectoral / Interdisciplinary Cooperation / Transdepartmental Teaching Project / Research Visits

8 04.06.2019 Y 326 tba
9 11.06.2019 Y 326 Special Jour Fixe on topic of the term “Migration”
10 18.06.2019 Y 326

Special Jour Fixe on topic of the term “Migration”

Maurizio Strazzeri (Economics; Graduate School “Decision Sciences” / Associated Fellow per Doctoral Fellowship)

11 25.06.2019 Y 326  Special Jour Fixe on topic of the term “Migration”
12 02.07.2019 Y 326

Presentation New Fellows (II)

Morgane Nouvian (Biology / Research Fellow)
“Individual brains, collective task: social regulation of stinging behaviour in honeybees”

Nihan Toprakkiran (Politics and Public Administration / Postdoctoral Fellow)
13 09.07.2019 Y 326

Open Mic Jour Fixe (III)

• Gianluca Rastelli (Physics / Research Fellow)
• Guilia Fabrini (Mathematics and Statistics / Associated Fellow per Mentorship)
• Natalia Korotkova (Linguistics / Associated Fellow per Mentorship)

14 16.07.2019 Y 326

1. Assembly of Members Election of one new member to the Executive Committee (replace/reelect Gisela Kopp)

2. Public Lecture on “Utopia” by Professor Douglas Mao (guest of Udith Dematagoda)