Postdoctoral Fellow presenting at the weekly interdisciplinary session of the Zukunftskolleg, the Jour Fixe

Jour Fixe Programme

The Zukunftskolleg is a place for people from different departments to meet and talk about their research. This enables interdisciplinarity. Fellows are encouraged to step out of line and explore the zone between the disciplines. The Jour Fixe is the weekly interdisciplinary session for the Fellows and Senior Fellows. Here they discuss the progress of their work, present results, share and encounter questions from other disciplines and explore the possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Weekly Jour Fixe sessions take place on Tuesday from 15:15 to 16:45 pm. Attendance on invitation only.

Up to date: 02.10.2019; subject to modifications

Nr. Date Room Information
1 15.10.2019 Y 326
  • AAA Fellows
    Hamadjam Abboubakar (Mathematics and Statistics)
    Denisha Gounden (Chemistry)
    Abena Yalley (Gender Studies)
  • Presentation of possible topics of the term (resulting from Scientific Retreat)
  • Info on current calls for applications for Funding Programmes
2 22.10.2019 Y 326
  • New Fellow (I)
    Benjamin Eva (Philosophy)
  • Selection of topic of the term
  • Planning of Scientific Advisory Board Meeting on 29 October
3 29.10.2019 Y 326

Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

  • Lightning Talks of about 10 Fellows à 3 min.
  • Poster Session
 4 05.11.2019 Y 326

New Fellows (II)
Ari Strandburg-Peshkin (Biology)
Henri Kauhanen (Linguistics) 

5 12.11.2019 Y 326

Open Mic Jour fixe (I)

  • Katarina Zigova (Associated Fellow / Economics)
  • Philip Rathgeb (Postdoctoral Fellow / Politics and Public Administration)
  • Sven Lauer (Fellow / Linguistics)
 6 19.11.2019 Y 326


Carolin Antos-Kuby (Philosophy)
Sibylle Röth (History and Sociology)

Hansjörg Neth (Psychology)

 7 26.11.2019 Y 326
  • Transfer Science into Society
    Julia Wandt (Communication and Marketing (KUM), University of Konstanz)
  • Assembly of Members
    Election of one new member to the Executive Committee
8 03.12.2019 Y 326

Open Mic Jour fixe (II)

  • Thomas Böttcher (Fellow / Chemistry)
  • Stephan Streuber (Research Fellow / Computer and Information Science)
  • Maria Zhukova (Associated Fellow / Literature)
9 10.12.2019 Y 326

Open Mic Jour fixe (III)

  • Klaus Boldt (Research Fellow / Chemistry)
  • Janina Beiser-McGrath (Politics and Public Administration)
  • Robert Hussein (Associated Fellow / Physics)
10 17.12.2019 Y 326
  • Presentation of ADILIT (Advanced Data and Information Literacy Track)
    Michael Grossniklaus (Computer and Information Science / Cluster "Collective Behaviour")
  • Xmas Jour fixe
11 07.01.2020 Y 326 Movie Screening: Short films
12 14.01.2020 Y 326

Special Jour fixe on topic of the term "Change, Progress and Complexity"

"Change, Progress and Complexity" at the Zukunftskolleg

Open Discussion

13 21.01.2020 Y 326

Special Jour fixe on topic of the term "Change, Progress and Complexity"

"Change, Progress and Complexity" at the university

Sebastian Findeisen (Dept. of Economics)

Stefan Leins (Dept. of History and Sociology / Anthropology, focusing on cultures of economy):
Complexity in economic practice: A case for ethnography

Modern economic market structures and practices are usually said to be complex and thus hard to understand. Indeed, they are many times transnational, multi-layered, and often based on highly specialized expertise. In my talk, I will argue that ethnography – anthropology's method of studying and describing cultural settings – is destined to deconstruct such complex fields and reveal the cultural rationales behind modern economic structures and practices. I will do so by referring to the expert practice of stock market forecasting, which heavily builds upon cultural and social techniques and cannot to be understood without consideration of the "human" that always stands at the center of economic action.


14 28.01.2020 Y 326

Special Jour fixe on topic of the term "Change, Progress and Complexity"

"Change, Progress and Complexity" regarding Digitalization

15 04.02.2020 Y 326

Funding Programme Winners

Mentorship: Michael Smith (Biology)
Intersectoral Project: Moritz von Brescius (History and Sociology)

16 11.02.2020 Y 326 Assembly of Members
Election of new members to the Executive Committee

The meetings of the Executive Committee in winter semester 2019/20 are on Tuesdays at 13:00:

  • 15 October (Application deadline: Tuesday, 8 October by 13:00)
  • 19 November (Application deadline: Tuesday, 12 November by 13:00)
  • 17 December (Application deadline: Tuesday, 10 December by 13:00)
  • 28 January (Application deadline: Tuesday, 21 January by 13:00).