Independent Research Grant

The funding program aims to promote independent research by postdocs at the University of Konstanz. We especially encourage researchers in the early phase of their career to apply (e.g. researchers who are not eligible to apply to the Young Scholar Fund). The Zukunftskolleg invites applications for financial support of up to EUR 7,000 for projects that help the individual applicant attain scientific independence.

In particular, we encourage applications to support exploration of new ideas and in carrying out pilot projects. The grant may cover consumables, equipment, travel costs and student research assistants. Funding of doctoral or postdoctoral positions is excluded.

The Zukunftskolleg of the University of Konstanz is offering up to 7 grants of up to 7,000 Euro per grant application.

Application deadline: 15 February 2020


Applications should be in English and should not exceed a total of 12 pages. They must contain:

  • Motivation letter including a brief description of the project´s scientific objectives. The description should be written for an interdisciplinary decision-making committee.
  • A brief description of the project’s scientific objectives (max. 3 pages)
  • An explanation of how the project fosters the scientific independence of the applicant
  • Estimated costs
  • A brief CV
  • Proof of the employment or of the scholarship at the University of Konstanz.

Results of previous calls


The following researchers and initiatives were funded in 2018:

  1. ​Ariane Bertogg (History and Sociology)
    Research project: Spousal Influence on Retirement Timing in Europe
    Funding:  1,140 euros
  2. Caroline Bonnes (Economics)
    Research project: Approaches to Teaching of Workplace Trainers – A Video Study
    Funding: 3,694 euros
  3. Samuel Carleial (Psychology)
    Research project: Programming the Event Checklist Threats to Human Life Scale as a Smartphone and Tablet Application​
    Funding: 4,740 euros
  4. M. Eugenia Delgado (Biology)
    Research project: LRH1/NF-kB Interactions and their Role in the Regulation of Intestinal Tissue Homeostasis
    Funding:  5,000 euros
  5. Tim Kuhlmann (Psychology)
    Research project: Smartphone Sensor Data: What Information Does It Provide for Social Scientists?
    Funding:  4,905 euros
  6. ​Javier Lazaro Tapia (Biology)
    Research project: ​Development of a System to Monitor Heart Rate, Body Temperature, Activity and Movement in Wild Hedgehogs
    Funding:  4,463 euros
  7. ​Liang Li (Biology)
    Research project:​ Quantitive Analysis of Energy Cost of Schooling Fish with High Fidelity Robotic Fish Model
    Funding:  4,990 euros
  8. Yanjie Liu (Biology)
    Research project: Does Artificial Light at Night Promote on Plant Invasion? ​
    Funding:  4,450 euros
  9. Melanie Nagel (Politics and Public Administration)
    Research project: ​Knowledge Transfer in Climate Policy
    Funding:  2,461 euros
  10. Melisa Olave (Biology)
    Research project: The Genomic Landscape of Hybridization
    ​ Funding:  4,987 euros
  11. ​Mialy Razanajatovo (Biology)
    Research project: ​Is Heterospecific Pollen Transfer More Frequent between Phylogenetically Related and Functionally Similar Alien and Native Species?
    ​Funding:  5,000 euros


The following researchers and initiatives were funded in 2017:

  1. Doris Forster (Law)
    Research project: The Legal Need of Publicity in Private Law
    Funding: 4,874 euros
  2. Hanhe Lin (Computer and Information Science)
    Research project: Paired Comparison for Subjective IQA via Crowdsourcing
    Funding:  5,000 euros
  3. Taniesha Burke (Psychology)
    Research project: Children’s Perspectives of their Covert and Overt Resistance Strategies to Parental Requests and Rules
    Funding: 3,047 euros
  4. Morgane Nouvian (Biology)
    Research project: Association vs. Improved Detection: Dissecting the Mechanisms of Learning
    Funding: 4,793 euros
  5. Peter Haffke (Psychology)
    Research project: On the Effects of (Deficient) Color Perception on Aesthetic Preference Judgments
    Funding: 4,322 euros
  6. Cristina Ruiz Agudo (Chemistry)
    Research project: Damage to Concrete Structures Due to Sodium Carbonate Crystallization
    Funding: 4,993 euros
  7. Andra Toader (Politics and Public Administration)
    Research project: Transforming Dissimilar Mental Models into Creative Outcomes Using Conceptual Combination
    Funding: 4,363 euros
  8. Vlad Hosu (Computer and Information Science)
    Research project: Adaptive Crowdsourcing Strategies for Effective Quality Assessments of Large Multimedia Datasets
    Funding: 3,000 euros


The following researchers and initiatives were funded in 2017:

  1. Georgiana Caltais (Computer and Information Science)
    Research project: Generation of Causes through Automata Learning (GCAL)
    Funding: 3,000 euros
  2. Doris Forster (Law)
    Research project: The Legal History of Comparative Law - Reasons for Theory and Methods in Practice in Past, Present and Future
    Funding: 3,000 euros
  3. Maria Hidgévi (History)
    Research project: Energy Efficiency and Mobility in Hungary 1968-1989: Knowledge Management and Business Innovation
    Funding: 2,980 euros
  4. Andreas Kautt (Biology)
    Research project: Revealing Genome-Wide Divergence at the Earliest Stages of Sympatric Speciation in Midas Cichlids by Whole-Genome-Resequencing
    Funding: 3,000 euros
  5. Hanhe Lin (Computer and Information Science)
    Research project: UKID: A Large-Scale Natural Image Quality Database
    Funding:  2,500 euros
  6. Philip Rathgeb (Politics and Public Administration)
    Research project: When Populism meets Capitalism: The Distributive Policy Impact of the Radical Right in Europe
    Funding:  3,000 euros
  7. Alexandra Zinke (Philosophy)
    Research project: Dimensions of Doubt: On Suspending Judgment
    Funding: 3,000 euros


The following researchers and initiatives were funded in 2016:

  1. Hannah Burger (Biology)
    Research project: Chemical Communication and Speciation in the Bee Taxa Colletes
    Funding: 3,060 euros
  2. Daniel Münch (Biology)
    Research project: Modification of Drosophila Food Selection Behavior by Modulation of Labeled Line Olfactory Sensory Neurons
    Funding: 2,976.80 euros
  3. Geoffroy Aubry (Physics)
    Research project: Multiple Light Scattering in a Disordered Assembly of Monodisperse High Refracting Index Nanospheres
    Funding: 3,000 euros
  4. Tina Bögel (Linguistics)
    Research project: How Frequency Influences the Strength of Prosodic Boundaries
    Funding: 2,570 euros
  5. Georgiana Caltais (Computer and Information Science)
    Research project: Causality Checking in Software-Defined Networks (CSDN)
    Funding: 3,000 euros
  6. Amber Makowicz (Biology)
    Research project: Mechanisms of Kin Recognition in a Unisexual Fish
    Funding: 3,000 euros
  7. Verena Seibel (Sociology)
    Funding for conducting a vignette pilot study about welfare chauvinism among immigrants
    Funding: 2,878.65 euros
  8. Andreas Weiler (Computer and Information Science)
    Funding for designing an evaluation toolkit for Twitter event detection techniques,
    Funding: 2,952.72 euros


The following researchers and initiatives were funded in 2015:

  1. Georgiana Caltais (Computer and Information Science)
    Research project: A Process Algebraic Approach to Causality Checking (PAACC)
    Funding: 3,000 euros
  2. Louis-Solal Giboin (Sports Science)
    Research project: Understanding the Neural Control of Balance
    Funding: 1,740 euros
  3. Annette Hautli-Janisz (Linguistics)
    Research project: Debating in The Economist – An Automatic Discourse Analysis
    Funding: 3,000 euros
  4. James Odendal (Chemistry and Physics)
    Research project: Dynamic Non-Equilibrium Self-Assembly vs. Static Self-Assembly
    Funding: 3,000 euros
  5. Astrid Rohwedder (Biology)
    Research project: The Role of RNA in Memory and Learning
    Funding: 2,600 euros
  6. Ioana Salvarina (Biology)
    Research project: Past Diet of African Small Mammals Revealed with Stable Isotopes on Museum Collections
    Funding: 3,000 euros
  7. Gudrun Winter (Biology)
    Research project: Biochemical and Physiological Characterization of Arginine Degrading Enzymes in Arabidopsis
    Funding: 3,000 euros
  8. Thomas Woehler (Sociology)
    Research project: Development of a Software Tool which Facilitates Geocoding with OSM Data
    Funding: 2,320 euros
  9. Maria Zhukova (Literature)
    Research project: TV-Discourse in Film and Literature in 1960-90th in Russia
    Funding: 1,890 euros