Laser safety

Safety at the university and in the workplace

Laser safety information for supervisors and employees

Laser radiation poses a serious risk to the human skin and can cause irreversible eye damage. When working with lasers, the safety of co-workers and employees must have top priority.

As a supervisor, you are responsible for ensuring that your employees are safe at all times. You are responsible for carrying out safety instructions and for enforcing safety regulations.

Services provided by the laser safety representative

  • He/she advises supervising personnel on all matters of laser safety, especially when it comes to purchasing and setting up laser equipment. The laser safety officer is further responsible for devising safety measures for daily use.
  • He/she supports and provides laser safety training.
  • He/she collaborates with the laser safety representatives in other areas of the university.

Responsibilities of the laser safety representative

  • He/she is responsible for registering all lasers classified as grade 3 or 4 by the relevant “Unfallkasse” (accident insurance company)
  • He/she informs the university of and investigates accidents involving laser radiation