barrel of toxic waste
barrel of toxic waste

waste management

We work with you to accomplish a very important task - to save resources and to protect both human beings and the environment.

To that end, we provide advice and information on the topics of waste management and dangerous goods. By “waste” we understand all the usual kinds of waste and recyclables produced by households, whereas the term “hazardous waste” denotes dangerous kinds of waste, usually hazardous substances. If you are planning to have dangerous goods shipped or to transport them yourself, please contact the dangerous goods representative well ahead of time.

Current news

Disposal polyacrylamide gels

Polyacrylamide gels may only be disposed of as residual waste if the monomer content of acrylamide is < 0.1 percent by weight.

Very few manufacturers guarantee compliance with this limit.

Self-produced polyacrylamide gels must always be disposed of as hazardous waste, waste type: absorbent materials, as compliance with the limit cannot be guaranteed.

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New canister size due to legal requirements

New canister size due to legal requirements

  • From now on use 5 litre canisters.
  • Please exchange your empty 10 litre canisters as soon as possible at the hazardous waste collection point.
  • 10 litre canisters that already contain waste will be replaced with empty 5 litre canisters as soon as they are full.