Gas cylinder

Gas canisters - gas cartridges - spray cans

Gas cylinders and gas cartridges are both classified as compressed gas canisters.

Camping gas cartridges and spray cans are to be completely emptied (used up) and turned in to the hazardous waste team during official delivery hours.

Gas cylinders must only be transported using suitable aids and protective caps. They must be protected against mechanical force (e.g. falling) when in an upright position.

Before working with gas, you should test the cylinder for leaks. You should also check the condition of the gas tubes, valves and pressure regulators. It is imperative that you have the gas cylinder inspected before the respective deadline.

Gas cylinders acquired from the gas stockroom should be returned to the gas stockroom before the TÜV test certificate expires, even if their contents have not been used up. Before ordering gas from another provider, please check whether they accept empty returns. Here, too, you need to make sure to return the cylinders in due time.

You must notify the hazardous waste team of compressed gas cylinders with an expired TÜV test certificate that cannot be returned to the gas stockroom. Our team can then take special measures for disposing such gas cylinders.

Typically, one cylinder can hold gas worth a few hundred euros. Disposing of a single compressed gas canister that has no valid TÜV certificate costs a minimum of 6,000 euros.

On 12.12.2017, the occupational safety steering committee decided that the research teams are responsible for paying the gas disposal costs if they fail to have the necessary TÜV checks carried out by the respective deadlines.