Inventory audit as per the hazardous materials directive

  •  As per the "Gefahrstoffverordnung" (hazardous materials directive), you must keep a record of your hazardous materials.
  • By the same directive, you are also obliged to label the chemicals correctly and to regulary check the condition of the containers. If required, the old label/containers must be replaced with new ones.
  • The inventory of hazardous materials must be kept up to date at all the times. TRGS 400/5.8 sentence 2.
  • We use the DaMaRIS database to maintain and monitor the university´s inventory of chemicals.
  • Check wheter the TÜV seal on your gas cylinders is still valid.
  • If one of your employees or team members is set to leave, you must ensure that this person has correctly disposed of all their hazardous waste.

We recommend that each staff member check their inventory and update DaMaRIS every month or two, including cooling chambers and storage rooms.

This will require as little as a few minutes of your staff members' time, since not a lot of chemicals will have been acquired or depleted during as short an interval as this.

In our experience, annual inventories, on the other hand, can take hours, even days, to complete. If you have any questions, the staff of the "Sonderabfallsammelstelle" will be happy to answer them.