Financial proof

No study abroad without the necessary financial resources

From the Winter Semester 2022-23 on and starting on 1 September 2022, non-EU/EEA students must prove that they have at least 934 € per month available for the length of their stay in order to apply for a visa or residence title.

There are several options to prove your financial resources. The following proofs of financial resources are valid for both exchange as well as for degree-seeking students:

Options to prove financial resources

  1. A formal written commitment from relatives or acquaintances (§ 68 of the Residence Act (Aufenthaltsgesetz)). This commitment must be submitted to a Local Immigration Office or to a German diplomatic mission abroad and it can be submitted for the entire duration of the study period. The persons who commit themselves must prove to the respective authority that they are in a position to maintain this commitment.
  2. A scholarship confirmation of a German foundation/university or from your home country. If your scholarship grants you less than 934 € per month, you will require another proof of financial resources to cover the difference.
  3. A written confirmation of financial support from your parents stating that they will take responsibility for all expenses connected with the study period in Konstanz. (Link with Bürgschaftserklärung) This must be a document certified with an official seal by an authority (e.g. local administration, German Consulate etc.) or by a notary. This document, with signatures in the original (not a fax or a scanned copy), must be presented upon registration in Konstanz. Additionally, a certification that your parents have sufficient funds to finance your stay (e.g. confirmation of the bank, bank statement AND income statement) has to be presented in German or English. Again, this document must also be certified with an official seal by an authority or by a notary.
  4. A blocked account, opened at a bank in Germany, from which a particular sum is blocked and you are only allowed to withdraw a fixed sum monthly (this sum would usually be 934 € per month). The period of validity of the residence permit is calculated from the blocked sum. This service is not offered by all banks.
  5. Your job contract(s) from an employer in Germany. If you prove the financial support exclusively by your income, you need to show an income of 934 €. This corresponds to a gross income through employment of minimum 1020€.  If your employment will cover only part of the 934€, you will require another proof of financial resources for the difference. Your work contract must indicate the duration of your employment, how much you earn per hour and how many hours per month you will be guaranteed.

You are welcome to combine different types of financial proofs. Please bring the original proof with you to Konstanz. 

In case you intend to open a blocked bank account for your visa application from your home country, you may use one of the following providers:

  Expatrio Coracle Fintiba
account type
Who is not eligible to open a blocked account? Persons under 18 y.o.; Residents of Iran, Syria and North Korea. Persons with US Tax ID, Residents of Iran, Syria and North Korea. Persons with US Tax ID, Residents of Iran and North Korea.
Combination with a German health insurance
up to 29 years: TK
30 years and older: Dr-Walter
TK, Barmer, AOK and others up to 29 years: DAK
30 years and older: mawista
One-time setup fee 49 € + 
100 € (buffer)
99 € + 
80 € (buffer)
89 € + 
100 € (buffer)
Monthly fees 5 € 0 € 4.90 €
Setup time
24 hours 24 hours 10 minutes (exceptions possible)
Time to recieve blocking confirmation 24 hours approx. 3-5 work days as soon as the blocking sum has been received (approx. 3-5 work days)
Additional SEPA checking
account required for withdrawals

Update: January 2024 |  All information is subject to change.