Study in North America

Take advantage of the opportunities to develop both personally and academically during exchange studies in the USA or Canada. Profit from an ideal and top-notch learning environment, strengthen your English language skills and broaden your horizons.

The University of Konstanz offers a wide range of exchange opportunities at universities and colleges in the USA and Canada, in so-called state-to-state programs and in direct exchange agreements.

You can either go to North America for one semester or for a whole academic year. We recommend that you stay for one year, since the semesters in North America are significantly shorter than in Germany.

For all fields of study you can find a suitable exchange opportunity from the wide range of possibilities. It is best to arrange a personal consultation with us to find out which university might suit your profile.

How do I find the right campus?

A virtual tour can help - e.g. via CampusTours (USA) or  YouVisit (USA&Kanada).

Just select the state or university you are interested in - almost every North American university is represented here. Basically you should put your academic interests first when searching: Where can I find exciting courses that complement my curriculum in Konstanz? On the websites of the individual universities you can click through the academic calendar and find the offer that is ideal for you.

Application Deadlines for the exchange with North America

Land Bewerbungstermin Studienbeginn/Semesterzeiten
USA November 2

Mid August - Late December

Beginning of January - Mid May

Canada November 2

Beginning of September - Late December

Beginning of January - Late April

FAQ North America

Application requirements

You must be enrolled at the University of Konstanz at the time of application. An application is generally possible from the third semester onwards, in some cases even in the second semester. Please feel free to ask.


In general, a tuition fee waiver has been agreed with the partner universities. At some universities, however, additional fees comparable to our semester and social security contributions are charged, which cannot be waived.

Often the health insurance of the host university/province is mandatory. However, you should additionally insure yourself with a German international health insurance company, as the North American insurances only cover treatment on campus.

Duration of exchange

Applications are possible for one or two semesters, annual stays are preferred. In some cases there are also trimesters in which at least two should be completed.

In principle the following applies:

Fall term: September - December

Spring or Winter Term Canada: January - April

Spring or Winter Term USA: January - May

Application priorities

One main wish and three alternatives are stated in the application, naming further alternatives is possible.

US universities and Canadian universities can be mixed, as well as direct exchanges and state-to-state programs.

One state-to-state program corresponds to one wish in the order of priority, three desired campuses must be specified per program (e.g. LP Oregon: 1. Oregon State, 2. Portland State, 3. University of Oregon).

Application for the state-to-state programs

If you apply for the state-to-state programs, you apply to many campuses in a region of the USA or Canada. When applying, please consider the program as a whole, not just one campus that interests you.

If you are successful in your application to the International Office, you will re-apply to the program. Then you are guaranteed a place. The International Office will assist you in this process.

In your application, a state-to-state program corresponds to a desired campus in the order of priority. As a rule, three desired campuses must be specified per program (e.g. LP Oregon: 1. Oregon State, 2. Portland State, 3. University of Oregon).