ZUKOnnect and Herz Cohort 2023 at the Zukunftskolleg

We cordially welcome the following ZUKonnect and Herz Fellows who joined the Zukunftskolleg on 1 July 2023 virtually for one year. They will be on-campus for 3 to 4 months from autumn 2023:

Jennifer de Sousa Barros (Biology; Post Doc from Brazil; research project: “The Influence of Collective Behavior on Energy Expenditures and Thermoregulation in Egyptian Fruit Bats”; local host: Meg Crofoot/ Dina Dechmann)

Israel Ehizuelen Ebhohimen (Biology; Post Doc from Nigeria; research project: “Comparative analyses of the molecular toxicity of natural bioactive compounds”; local host: Alexander Bürkle)

Oscar Eduardo Escobar Lasso (Mathematic and Statistics; Post Doc from Columbia; research project: “Implementation of Aedes aegypti control strategies in spatiotemporal dynamics using insect techniques”; local host: Stefan Frei/ Reinhard Racke)

Ashwinder Kaur (Physics; PhD candidate from India; research project: “Perovskite solar cells for integrated self-charging supercapacitors”; locals host: Lukas Schmidt-Mende).

Sarveswaran Kengatharaiyer (Linguistics; Post Doc from Sri Lanka; research project: “Creating a Tamil treebank to support language application development”; local host: Miriam Butt)

Nadia Martin (Literature, Art and Media; Post Doc from Argentina; research project: “Posthuman landscapes in Latin America Art”; local host: Kirsten Mahlke)

Khanyile Joseph Mlotshwa (Politics and Public Administration; Post Doc from Zimbabwe; research project: “The colonial and apartheid roots of urban authoritarianism in South Africa”; local host: Thomas Kirsch)

Natascha Roth Eichin (Educational Science; Post Doc from Chile; research project: “Pratices, experiences and aspirations at school”; local host: Jeanine Grütter)

We are very happy to gain new people from different countries – such as Chile, Sri Lanka, Columbia and Nigeria; and from various disciplines – ranging from Literature, Art and Media to Mathematics and Statistics as well as Physics.

Find more information about the ZUKOnnect and Herz Fellows here and here.