Professorship for Roxana Halbleib

We congratulate Roxana Halbleib (Research Fellow / Dept. of Economics) who has accepted a professorship (W3) for Statistics and Econometrics at the Institute of Economics at the University of Freiburg. She will start working there in May 2020.

“I cherish very much the time I spent at the Zukunftskolleg, the interdisciplinary dialogue and the beautiful personal encounters. Moreover, I am very grateful for the generous financial support of the Zukunftskolleg, without which I would not have dared to dream and would have reached much less.”

Besides the W3 position at the University of Freiburg, Roxana was also offered a professorship (W2, with tenure track to W3) for Big Data Analytics in Transportation at the Institute of Transport and Economics at the "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences at the TU Dresden, which she declined.

Roxana Halbleib is a Research Fellow at the Zukunftskolleg since October 2013. We congratulate her and wish her all the best!