Thomas Hengartner

Obituary for Professor Thomas Hengartner

We sincerely regret the passing of Thomas Hengartner, our scientific advisory board member, close collaborator and friend. We have lost an outspoken, humorous and engaging personality.

With his consistent stream of fresh, new ideas and in his role as head of the Collegium Helveticum in Zurich, he inspired the collaboration with the Zukunftskolleg – further bridging the geographic gap between the locations. He was an open-minded, cosmopolitan thinker who remained well-grounded and refused to reduce science to an ivory-tower of affluence. Thomas Hengartner was taken from us much too soon on Ascension Day 2018. We will miss his passion for trans-disciplinarity, his visionary ideas and his ability to inspire others.

A German article about his contributions to science is available here: