New Executive Members elected

In the Assembly of Members on 5 December 2023, the fellows elected Anamaria Bentea (Research Fellow / Dept. of Linguistics), to serve as new members in the Executive Committee from January 2024, and James Wilson (Postdoctoral Fellow / Dept. of History and Sociology) as new EC member from May 2024.

The term of office in the Executive Committee has come to an end for Abena Yalley (Postdoctoral Fellow / Dept. of Literature & Politics and Public Administration) at the end of December, and will come to an end in April for Ariane Bertogg (Postdoctoral Fellow / Dept. of History and Sociology). Abena and Ariane already served two terms in the EC.

We thank Abena and Ariane for their commitment in the EC and wish Anamaria and James good luck for their new function!