Zukunftskolleg Lecture Summer Term 2012

Every semester a Senior Fellow closely related to and associated with the Zukunftskolleg is honored with the Zukunftskolleg Lecture. The excellent researchers of the Zukunftskolleg present their research work to a broad and various audience. This semester within the framework of the Zukunftskolleg Lecture Senior Fellow Joseph Y. Halpern(Prof. for Computer Science, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA) will give the following talk:

„Knowledge and common knowledge in multi-agent systems“

21. Juni 2012 / A 702 / 17.00 Uhr

Joseph Y. Halpern’s interdisciplinary research combines topics of Computer Science, Economics, Linguistics, Mathematics and Philosophy. In his talk he will deal with the question, how the information exchange can change the state of knowledge of a system to achieve a better understanding of distributed protocols.

Franz Huber, Fellow at the Zukunftskolleg, will chair the public lecture and the following discussion. A following reception will give the audience an opportunity to exchange opinions with Joseph Y. Halpern about his research work.