Successful transfer of knowledge

Jennifer Randerath wins "Konstanzer Transferpreis 2019" for transferring scientific approaches into neurorehabilitation.

The psychologist and her team are working on a core topic of ageing societies with great clinical need: the consequences of brain damage caused by stroke, dementia or multiple sclerosis. The scientist is investigating the behaviour during everyday activities and the underlying mechanisms in the brain. Her research group is developing diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for clinical application in neurorehabilitation.  

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to my mentors for the nomination and to all those who have made various steps in this project possible, especially Ilka Buchmann, who as a doctoral student has achieved important milestones in this translational work”, states Jennifer Randerath.

The Universitätsgesellschaft Konstanz (UGK) and the University of Konstanz jointly offer a transfer prize for projects that bridge the gap between science and society. The prize is endowed with a total of 3,000 euros; this year the prize will be split. The award ceremony will take place within the Dies Academicus on 18 October 2019. Read more here.