Cinema, theatre, museums, music


You can find the following cinemas in Konstanz:

Cinestar is located in the Lago shopping centre.

Both these cinemas also show films in the original English version:

Zebra Kommunales Kino Konstanz e.V.

Scala is centrally located in the Marktstätte city square. Here you can watch a variety of alternative and smaller productions.


Stadttheater Konstanz: The Stadttheater performs both classical theatrical pieces as well as modern productions.

Spiegelhalle: The Spiegelhalle presents mainly young, experimental theatre. Its broad spectrum of productions ranges from special events for children to musical and dance theatre as well as readings.

University Theatre Konstanz has existed for more than 30 years. The theatre is part of the philosophy department and presents two to three productions each year on the university’s studio stage.

Schauspielhaus Zurich: Zurich can be easily reached in about an hour, whether you travel by train or car. The Schauspielhaus Zurich offers a wide range of theatre. Its repertoire ranges from classical pieces to modern productions.


The Rosgartenmuseum shows exhibits from the Middle Ages through the 20th Century. It is located in the Gothic style, former butcher’s guild building.

The communal Wessenberg Galerie is a gallery showing works from the 19th and 20th Centuries as well as from contemporary artists. Its particular focus is on artwork from Southwestern Germany and the Lake Constance region in particular.

The Hus Museum has been the center of the Hussite movement for more than 200 years. Even today, visitors, especially from Jan Hus’ home country of the Czech Republic, pilgrimage to the site. During the Council of Konstanz in 1415, the Christian reformer was executed by fire for heresy after criticising the Catholic church.

The Archäologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg (state achaeological museum) displays artefacts and discoveries from Baden-Württemberg’s past. The permanent exhibit includes an introduction to archaeological methods as well as excavations from the Stone Age through the Middle Ages.

The Turm zur Katz offers varying exhibitions ranging from fotography to poster art and more


The University of Konstanz choir welcomes new members at the beginning of each semester. Each year, the concert choir rehearses one to two major choir pieces from the early Baroque to Modern periods. It performs them in Konstanz and the surrounding area as well as during multiple concert tours.

The choir d'Acchord aims at giving concerts on a regular basis while providing a place to meet new people and have fun.

The University of Konstanz orchestra is a symphony orchestra comprised of university students and staff. It regularly performs interesting pieces from the Classical to Modern periods and enjoys an excellent reputation in the region and beyond.

At the initiative of University of Konstanz students, the University Bigband was founded in 2001 and has existed ever since.

The internationally renowned Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie offers a wide range of philharmonic concerts and chamber music concerts.

The Jazzclub Konstanz performs contemporary and improvised music.

Münsterkonzerte (concerts in the Konstanz cathedral): Various ensembles perform oratorios, jazz concerts, Easter-theme music as well as Gregorian chants.

Chamber opera in the Konstanz city hall courtyard (Rathaushof): The musical theatre takes place each summer in the inner courtyard of the city hall.

The Concerto Constanz consists of active amateur musicians from Konstanz and the surrounding area. The group performs several different concert programmes per year.