Documents and translations


You will need to provide the following documentation in order to stay in Konstanz. Please bring along the following documents from your home country:

  • a valid passport or form of identification (valid for your entire stay in Germany)
  • if required, a visa
  • passport photos for ID cards and documents (if required, biometric passport photos)
  • written documentation in German or English of how you are funding your stay (scholarship, salary from your home country)
  • if required, proof of health insurance in German or English with a written confirmation of the monthly payments If your employment in Germany is subject to compulsory insurance, please provide: documentation of your current health insurance (e.g. European Health Insurance Card from your current provider)
  • certified copies of your academic degrees in German or English translation
  • birth certificate and certificate of marriage, in German or an English translation, if possible. Depending on the country, certificates will need to include an apostille or form of legalisation.
  • copies and certified translations of your childrens’ birth certificates (if required, including an apostille or form of legalisation)
  • a credit card and/or EC card
  • If required, an (international) immunisation record as well as documents on illnesses or medications
  • If you would like to drive a car while you are in Germany please bring along an international driving licence or valid driving licence from abroad.

Certified translations

Do you need a certified translation of your documents (certificate of marriage, birth certificate, examination/degree certificates, etc.)? You can use the search engines on two pages to find relevant translators and interpreters in Baden-Württemberg and across Germany: