Telephone and internet service

If you rent an apartment in Konstanz, you will usually need to arrange your telephone and internet service yourself. It is often difficult to navigate your way through the large number of available providers and contracts. For your convenience, we have included some information about telephone, internet, mobile phone and mobile internet services below. Information about wireless LAN (WiFi) service at the University of Konstanz is also available below.

(Mobile) phone and internet service

Most telecommunications companies offer a flat rate for internet and telephone services.

As there are many options, the mobile phone rate you pick will need to fit your individual needs. There are two main ways to obtain mobile phone service - either by making a monthly payment for a particular contract period or by purchasing pre-paid service as needed. Individual rates vary widely!

Mobile phone contract

One possible option is a mobile phone contract. This, however, requires a German bank account and an identity document. In this way, service providers check whether a customer can really pay his bills. Caution: Do not sign a contract you do not understand. Instead, ask someone to help you with the translation. A mobile phone contract is usually valid for one to two years. Often it is not possible to cancel the contract before then. The bill must usually be paid at the end of the month during the contract period. Please note! If you are planning to switch to another service provider once the contract expires, you need to cancel the contract in due time. This must be done at least three months before the end of the contract, otherwise the contract could automatically be renewed again for a period of one to two years. Overview of mobile communication providers

Prepaid SIM card

Another option is to buy a prepaid SIM card. These cards are available for a small amount of money at most supermarkets, petrol stations or kiosks. You only need to provide your address to have the card activated.
Once the prepaid SIM card has been activated, you need to add credit. The credit is used to pay for calls, SMS and internet surfing. If you need more credit, you can buy a top-up card. Top-up cards can be purchased at the same shops that sell SIM cards.

Wireless LAN (WiFi) at the University of Konstanz

You can access university WiFi (wireless LAN) in public areas of the university campus. All you need is an email address at the University of Konstanz. To use the university WiFi, you will need to configure your computer/device accordingly. Visit the IT Service Centre’s pages for instructions on the required configurations. Feel free to contact the IT Service Centre if you need assistance.

If you are a guest at the University of Konstanz, please ask your home university if it participates in the eduroam network. If so, you can access university WiFi even easier.

Simply contact the department or institute where you work to receive internet access for your office computer.