Historical buildings and sights

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Historical buildings

Konstanzer Münster (cathedral): The Konstanz cathedral is one of the largest Romanesque churches in southern Germany. It includes Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Classical architectural elements.

Meersburg Meersburg castle was first mentioned in 988 and is the oldest inhabited castle in Germany. The town where it is located is also worth visiting for its remarkable flair of the Middle Ages.

Konstanzer Konzil: The “Konzil” was the site of the Council of Konstanz from 1414-1418 and also the seat of the European Catholic Church during this period. The location is now used for Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie concerts and other, usually cultural, events.


City of Konstanz Tourist-Information

Konstanz is located near both Austria and Switzerland. You thus have a unique opportunity to also visit attractions in these countries while staying in Konstanz.
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