Three new EC Members elected

In the Assembly of Members on 4 July, the fellows reelected Noelia Martinez Doallo (Postdoctoral Fellow / Dept. of Law), and elected Svetlana Boycheva Woltering (Research Fellow / Dept. of Biology) as well as Philipp di Dio (Research Fellow / Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics) to serve as new members in the Executive Committee.

The term of office in the Executive Committee has come to an end for Violeta Ivanova-Rohling (Postdoctoral Fellow / Dept. of Physics) at the end of June, and will come to an end in September for Gruia Badescu (Research Fellow / Dept. of History and Sociology) and Noelia Martinez Doallo (Postdoctoral Fellow / Dept. of Law). A re-election/2nd term of office of Noelia was possible. Gruia and Violeta already served two terms in the EC.

We thank Violeta and Gruia for their commitment in the EC and wish Noelia, Svetlana and Philipp good luck for their new function!