The importance of IAS in Germany

The German magazine „Forschung & Lehre“ has recently published two articles on the situation and importance of Institutes for Advanced Studies (IAS) in Germany - and the Zukunftskolleg in particular.

In September 2023, „Forschung & Lehre“ has published an interview with the director of the Zukunftskolleg, Giovanni Galizia, entitled “Institutes of Advanced Study als "Insel der Seligen"” in which he describes the special atmosphere and dynamics among its fellow community and their freedom for creativity:

This article was now followed by another publication in „Forschung & Lehre“: a positional paper entitled “"Institutes for Advanced Study" wollen sichtbarer werden” - drafted by 20 of the 24 members of the German Network of Institutes for Advanced Studies on the distinct contributions of IAS to the German academic system, future challenges to its institutional form, as well as regulatory needs and financial requirements in the future.

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