Scouloudi Publication Award 2021 for Jacob Bloomfield

We congratulate Jacob Bloomfield who won this year’s Scouloudi Publication Award.

The award contains a publication grant of £1,000 for his book “Drag. A British History” which is based on his PhD thesis. The award is conditional upon a positive peer review process.

Jacob conducted his PhD at the University of Manchester, England. His thesis was entitled “Male Cross-Dressing Performance in Britain, 1918-1970”.

Jacob’s research investigates the career and legacy of musician Little Richard. “Specifically, I am probing the question of how the singer, as a highly effeminate, flamboyant African-American man, achieved an extraordinary degree of mainstream popularity in both the United States and Europe in a period defined by racial bigotry and the repression of sexual and gender expression”, explains Jacob.

Jacob is a Postdoctoral Fellows since June 2020 and affiliated with the Department of Literature.