Result of Successful Collaboration at the Zukunftskolleg

A cooperation born at the Zukunftskolleg between Doris Penka and Chiara Gianollo now resulted in the publication “Language Change at the Syntax-Semantics Interface” (ed. Gianollo, Chiara; Jäger, Agnes; Penka, Doris):

They thanked the Zukunftskolleg for its support: “It's safe to say that this book definitely wouldn't exist without the Zukunftskolleg. First of all, it originated out of the collaboration that we started at the Zukunftskolleg. The topic also reflects the combination of Chiara's research in historical linguistics and Doris' interest in the syntax-semantics-interface. Second, the book contains several papers that were presented at a workshop held in connection with the 2012 meeting of the German Linguistics Society (DGfS). This workshop was only possible thanks to co-funding of the Zukunftskolleg. Last, but not least, the volume also features a chapter co-authored by Senior Fellow Cleo Condoravdi.”