Postdoctoral Position for Maroussia Favre

Former Bridge Fellow Maroussia Favre has accepted a postdoctoral position in the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Konstanz.

As of November 1, she works on the project “NEXUS 1492: New World Encounters in a Globalising World” ( with Prof. Ulrik Konstanz from the ETH Zurich. NEXUS 1492 is a large collaborative and transdisciplinary project involving the universities of Leiden, Amsterdam, and Konstanz, and was funded through an ERC Synergy Grant. NEXUS1492 investigates the impacts of colonial encounters in the Caribbean, the nexus of the first interactions between the New and the Old World. Within this project, Maroussia works on connecting archaeological and social networks and investigating their dynamics. We wish her all the best!