Voting advice application (VAA) for the 2024 municipal elections in Konstanz

Together with her team, Elisa Deiss-Helbig, political scientist at the Zukunftskolleg, has set up the VOTO voting advice application, a digital tool to support voters making informed voting decisions.

Since 12 May 2024, the citizens of Konstanz can use the VOTO voting advice application to compare their preferences on a variety of general and locally relevant issues with the issue positions of the parties competing in the municipal elections in Konstanz on 9 June. Following the the voting advice application (VAA), participants can take part in a voluntary short and anonymous survey.

The VAA for Konstanz is available at the following link:

and is available to all citizens free of charge. Elisa Deiss-Helbig will be happy to provide further information on the project and how to use the VAA.

Contact: Elisa Deiss-Helbig, email:, telephone: 07531-88 5662