Graham Underwood and Babu Thaliath

Senior Fellows Graham Underwood and Babu Thaliath will join the Zukunftskolleg

Two new Senior Fellows will join the Zukunftskolleg in the summer semester 2021 for a period of 12 months: Professor Graham Underwood (School of Life Sciences, University of Essex, UK) and Babu Thaliath (School of Language, Literature & Culture Studies, Centre of German Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India).

Graham Underwood’s research is focussed around algal biofilms and their role in ecology, ecosystem functioning and biogeochemistry. “The option to come to Konstanz, and develop some of my areas of interest with excellent colleagues is too good an opportunity to miss”, states Graham Underwood. Especially, he will cooperate with Bernard Lepetit (Biology): “Bernard’s  research specialisms, around photosynthesis and regulation in diatoms (often using key model species), and his knowledge and experience of experimental approaches to investigate mechanisms of control and underlying molecular biology, are of great interest to me”, explains Graham Underwood. “Linking his expertise with mine will help us ask some really new questions around cell sensing and behavior.”

During his stay at the Zukunftskolleg, Babu Thaliath aims to intensify his work on a research project in the field of Philosophy and Philosophy of Science (Wissenschaftstheorie) with the general topic: The Historicity of Axioms. The historicising effect of mathematical formalism on the axiomatisation of early modern sciences. “This project, which is in its initial phase, requires an extensive collection of materials, review of the premises, scientific contexts, methodology and, above all, the necessary consultation with the subject experts”, states Babu Thaliath. “Carolin Antos-Kuby (Philosophy), who works on the axiomatic set theory, will give me an adequate opportunity to become more familiar with the interdisciplinary research at the Zukunftskolleg - between philosophy and mathematics with regard to its theoretical-axiomatic foundations and their historical development.”

The Senior Fellowship programme of the Zukunftskolleg is designed to bring together excellent scholars from all countries and disciplines and to strengthen the intergenerational scientific dialogue between postdoctoral and established researchers.

Senior candidates must demonstrate a track record of significant and original research achievements, have extensive independent academic work experience and enjoy the exchange and collaboration with the younger generations.

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