Netias Business Meeting 2023 in Konstanz

From 10-12 October 2023, the European Institutes of Advanced Study met in Konstanz for their annual meeting of Netias (Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study) to foster cooperation between institutions.

The participants discussed new and ongoing Netias projects ranging from the funding programme CAT (Constructive Advanced Thinking) to the network's debate series (Netias Debates) or different working groups on “Arts & Science”, “Diversity” and “Assessing Applications”.

On 11 October, the meeting was held at the Konzil Konstanz. After a historical walk in the city centre in the afternoon, Research Fellow and historian Gruia Badescu gave a public talk in the Konzil on “Making sense of urban destruction: Architecture, memory, and repair”.

The Zukunftskolleg has been a member of NetIAS since June 2018. The network brings together 26 Institutes for Advanced Study across Europe.
NetIAS was created in 2004 to stimulate a dialogue on IAS practices and possible forms of cooperation. Within the whole network, more than 500 researchers are hosted every year for up to one full academic year.