Fellows on visiting research stays

In the summer term 2017, some of our Fellows will be away for visitig research stays.

Francesca Biagioli, Postdoctoral Fellow/Department of Philosophy, has a visiting fellowship at the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science, University of California Irvine (USA). She will be there from April until June.

James Griffiths, Postdoctoral Fellow/Department of Linguistics, will be on a research stay at the Centre for Linguistics, University of Leiden (Netherlands) from February until April and again from May til June.

Margaret Thomas, Research Fellow/Department of Mathematics and Statistics, has a postdoctoral fellowship for the thematic program (research semester) on “Unlikely Intersections, Heights, and Efficient Congruencing” at the Fields Institute Toronto (Canada). She will be away from Konstanz from January until June.

Leila Whitley, Postdoctoral Fellow/Department of Literature, will be a Visiting Researcher at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Utrecht University in April and May. She will be hosted by Professor Sandra Ponzanesi, and will complete research in the areas of post/de-colonial theory and feminist theory. She has also been invited to contribute to the Postcolonial Studies Initiative’s 7th film series, with a presentation on April 11.

PS: We noticed that there is a need for international exchange and developed a mobility funding instrument for scholarly exchange  - we will give more information about it soon!