Emmy Noether Grant for Daniela Rößler

Congratulations to Postdoctoral Fellow Daniela Rößler who received an Emmy Noether Grant by the German Research Foundation.

The behavioral ecologist will receive 1.5 million euros in funding for her project "Sleeping with eight eyes open: morphology, function, ecology and evolution of sleep in spiders". The project focuses on a comprehensive investigation into sleep using spiders, combining approaches from behavioral ecology, neurophysiology and phylogenetics. This research program will use spiders to enrich and expand our knowledge of the architecture, function, ecology, and evolution of sleep, particularly REM sleep. Crucially, it will develop two novel frameworks: (1) sleep in a comparative evolutionary framework, and (2) linking sleep and ecology.

"I am beyond thrilled and grateful to be able to start my own group and to be able to keep pursuing my research on spider sleep. We know so little about sleep in non-vertebrate animals, let alone how they sleep in the wild - I can't wait to explore questions around how important sleep is for these tiny creatures, how and how much they sleep in the wild, and to find out how sleep evolved within spiders. This achievement was made possible by the independence and support that the Zukunftskolleg granted me within the last three years, as well as by my fabulous students, mentors and awesome collaborators, and also by the constant support of my family."

Daniela Rößler has been a Fellow at the Zukunftskolleg since June 2021.

Read more about Daniela Rößler: https://danielaroessler.weebly.com/