DFG Grant for Klaus Boldt

We congratulate Klaus Boldt on receiving a DFG Grant worth 215,000 EUR.

Klaus Boldt is Fellow at the Zukunftskolleg since April 2015 and affiliated with the Department of Chemistry. His project "Locally Doped Nanorods: Introducing Distance-Dependence in Excitonic Nanostructures" will be funded by the DFG for the duration of 36 months.

Doping of nanocrystals, the introduction of a few impurity atoms into very small crystals in the size of a few nanometres, introduces interesting properties to an already fascinating class of materials. Normally a semiconductor nanocrystal can absorb visible light and then emits a specific colour that is determined by the size of the particle. A transition metal impurity introduces highly localised energy levels, which lead to a very fast energy transfer to the dopant state and new magnetic properties of the nanocrystal for application in spintronics and quantum computing. Impurity doping that is localised to a specific region of a nanocrystal has not yet been realised. In this project, Klaus Bold aims to spatially control doping and employ the target structure to measure the energy transfer rate to the dopant atom as a function of distance.