Critical Criminologists Year Award for Valeria Vegh Weis

We congratulate Valeria Vegh Weis (Research Fellow / Dept. of Literature & Law) who has been selected as the “Division on Critical Criminology & Social Justice Critical Criminologist of the Year 2021” by the American Society of Criminology.

The selection committee reasoned its choice as follows:

“The committee was deeply impressed by the scope, scale and impact of Dr. Weis’s work. In particular, the committee noted the impact of Dr. Weis’s research, teaching and service across issues, languages, and continents. Publishing in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, on issues ranging from southern Abolitionism to climate change to transitional justice to Marxism and criminology, and in prestigious academic venues as well as trenchantly radical and crucial trade presses like Haymarket, Dr. Weis is an exemplar of international and internationalist critical criminology. In addition to her impressive scholarly record, which in addition to her publications includes multiple prestigious Post-Docs, she also serves on Editorial Boards of journals in the U.S., the U.K., and Argentina; reviews for journals in multiple countries and languages; and has supervised PhD students in the U.S. and Argentina.”

Valeria Vegh Weis has been a Research at the Zukunftskolleg since July 2021, working on the project “Confronting state crimes and dealing with the aftermath. Towards a victim-driven approach in transitional justice processes”.