Creative Against Corona

- Colouring Contest for Zukunftskolleg kids. Inspired by Thomas Boettcher´s Jour fixe talk on “Targeting the Proteases of SARS-CoV-2”, the Zukunftskolleg launched a colouring contest to be creative against corona.

Thomas Boettcher provided a virus particle colouring sheet. Target group of the contest was especially under18 – which means the children of Zukunftskolleg Fellows. Eight drawings were submitted.

A highly esteemed, top-class jury selected the best contributions which were awarded during the Jour fixe on 19 May. The prize was a large bag of Gummibärchen.

The picture above shows the two winner drawings (5 years and 4 years old). Below are the other contributions.

More information on CreativeAgainstCorona and the colouring sheet can be found here.