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Call for Applications: New Support Measure for Research Visits

Today, the Zukunftskolleg has issued calls for applications for new support measures to increase the international mobility of our fellows and enlarge the intercultural atmosphere at the Zukunftskolleg. The Research Visits programme encourages temporary international research stays for our fellows (Outgoing Research Visits) as well as inviting excellent, early career researchers from around the world to visit the Zukunftskolleg (Incoming Research Visits).

Outgoing Research Visits for our Fellows encourage temporary assignments to a partner Institute for Advanced Study or any international research university. Our international partners in this programme currently include: Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (Singapore), Collegium Helveticum (Zurich), Darwin College (United Kingdom), Israel Institute of Advances Study (Jerusalem), and the Martin Buber Society (Jerusalem). The research visits facilitate research cooperation or publications, enable new teaching experiences or provide for a scientific retreat for fellows to complete papers, books or project proposals. It offers an opportunity to finish ongoing work and/or to identify and explore new and innovative research directions. The duration of research visits should range from one to three months. The grant will cover travel and accommodation costs. The Zukunftskolleg will continue to pay the fellow’s salary.

Incoming Research Visits address early career researchers around the world (with PhD but without permanent position in academia or a Habilitation) to spend up to three months at the Zukunftskolleg. This funding programme offers time for performing a research project at the University of Konstanz, ideally in collaboration with a Zukunftskolleg Fellow. International researchers can be nominated by our fellows or can apply within the framework of our institutional partnerships. The programme funds a round trip to Konstanz and offers up to 800 Euro financial help for accommodation in Konstanz. The Zukunftskolleg will not offer work contracts.

The new two-directional support measure seeks to enhance learning experiences and support international career paths of our fellows as well as strengthening institutional ties with international partners.

Call for applications:

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 If you have any questions, please contact Daniela, daniela.kromrey@uni.kn