Welcome to the summer semester 2023 & Executive Committee election

Tuesday, 25. April 2023
15:15 - 16:30

Y 326 / hybrid


Central Office

In the first part (ca. 15:15 - ca. 15:35), the Assembly of Members (2-year Fellows, 5 year Fellows, Senior Fellows and "fellows") will elect one new member to the Executive Committee  - replacing Ariane Bertogg (Postdoctoral Fellow / Dept. of History and Sociology) from May 2023. A re-election/2nd term of office of Ariane is possible.

Members of the category "fellows" (former 2-Year Postdoctoral Fellows or former 5-Year Research Fellows with a research grant at the University of Konstanz) are NOT elegible, BUT entitled to vote.


After the election (at about 15:35/15.40) - when all Associated Fellows, Visiting Fellows, Senior Fellows, ZUKOnnect and Herz Fellows can join the Jour fixe, we will welcome our new members, have a short report on the workshop with the Martin Buber Society in Jerusalem that takes place this week (18-21 April), several announcements, and time for discussions.