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Funding for outstanding postdoctoral researchers

The Young Scholar Fund (YSF), launched as part of the Excellence Initiative, provides research funding for junior professors and outstanding postdoctoral researchers. With this tool, the University of Konstanz aims to improve the working conditions of junior researchers.

Eligibility is limited to junior researchers who have finished their doctoral degree, demonstrate independent research activity and aim for a career in academia. Junior researchers are usually considered independent if they have solicited third-party funds or have independently published their research (i.e. not jointly with a professor) and have at least two years but less than ten years of experience as a postdoctoral researcher. Periods of parental leave and/or periods of providing care to a family member will be taken into account two years per child/care period.

If you are unsure whether you may apply, please contact the Committee on Research (AFF).

At the end of the funding period, Young Scholar Fund grantees are asked to provide a short scientific report.  Please log in using the "My university" icon to access the report template.

Calls and application

Young Scholar Fund (YSF) Bridge Fellowship

The Young Scholar Fund Bridge Fellowship aims to support excellent postdoctoral researchers who have recently submitted a proposal to fund their own position as principal investigator at the University of Konstanz with an external funding agency. In order to bridge the time until the proposal has been approved, you may apply for up to 6 months of intermediary funding for your own position (100% TVL 13).

This is an open call. Proposals can be submitted at any time. All approved grants have to be spent in 2018 and are not transferable.

Proposals must be submitted digitally as one single PDF-file to the Committee on Research ( and must include the following information:

  1. Brief statement on the relevance of funding for your career including a work programme for the requested funding period (max. 2 pages).
  2. CV with information concerning your previous employment and end date of your current work contract.
  3. Statement from the department concerning the urgency of funding and commitment to provide the necessary work space and resources should the proposal be granted (please use the form below).
  4. Copy of the external proposal and receipt of the funding agency (the submission date shall be within the last three months and the funding decision has to be still open when you are applying for the Bridge fellowship).

The AFF will evaluate your proposal within 4-6 weeks.

Call document German / English
Attachment: Statement from the department (in German)

Open call up to 10,000 Euro

In 2018, proposals of up to 10,000 Euro can be submitted at any time. They are reviewed by the AFF continually and in approximately four to eight weeks, you will receive notification of the committee's final decision. Therefore, please submit your proposal well in advance of the planned starting date of your research activity. All approved grants have to be spent in 2018 and are not transferable.

Proposals shall be short and concise and have to include the following information:

  • Project description with time schedule and budget justification (1-5 pages),
  • CV,
  • List of publications,
  • If you have been supported by the YSF before, a short statement on the results of previous funding (e. g. submitted / successful proposals for external funding) is mandatory.

Proposals must be submitted digitally as one single PDF-file to the Committee on Research (

For further information, please check the YSF guidlines 2018.

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